These alpaca pictures are so fluffy I'm gonna die

Two words: Al. Pacas.

I was in serious need of the mini-vacation Briana and I took this weekend — a stay on an alpaca farm in Vermont I’d gifted to her (I got her the stay, not the farm) (really, I got us the stay) last Christmas. It’s an absolutely lovely place owned by a lovely couple. It also serves as a wedding venue and honeymoon suite, and was wonderful way to get out of familiar surroundings for a few days.

Things I learned during our trip:

• When a restaurant in farm country charges $5 for bacon, it’s absolutely worth it. It’s a bargain.
• Six hours of driving is best broken up by a visit with a valued friend (on the way up) or a screening of Avengers: Endgame (on the way down).
• Our cat isn’t the only one that loves human feet (or at least my feet).
• Sony’s new animal-eye-autofocus feature works on alpacas.

Enough with the learning. On to the alpaca pics:

Also, here’s my new friend Mouser. Don’t tell Moxie.