Philadelphia's Burlesque Battle Royale 2019 — Week 3


If I keep this up, you’re going to think all I do is hang around with naked people. I’m OK with you thinking that.

I was back at Philadelphia’s Burlesque Battle Royale 2019 (more details on this eighth season of PBBR here) for Week 3 this Wednesday — and once again, these up-and-comers in the burly scene brought it. Their challenge in this week of the elimination-style competition / boot camp / burlesque grad school: Narrative burlesque.

Among the stories they told: A meme brought to life, wedding trauma, trouble with the law, and the plight of the spotted lanternfly. And of course, they told them nearly naked.

As always with burlesque … whether these photos are family-friendly depends on your family, and whether they’re or safe for work depends on how great your job is. Performers, download your copies here — just be sure to credit LCHPhoto (Facebook) (Insta) for any use).