This is your brain on stimulation

Last night, I dropped in for the second time on Get You a Babe Who Can Do Both, the bawdy brainchild of sexologist (and performer) Timaree Schmit / Honeytree EvilEye and her partner (and emcee), Adam Teterus / Flirt Vonnegut

The premise is simple: Brains are sexy. Do Both invites burlesque performers to share lightning talks on the topics of their choice — we heard about cosmetology, cannabis cooking, cute aggression and the perils of social media censorship last night. And after the performers lay their insights bare, they do the same with their bodies.

It’s raunchy and revealing and honest, and most of all a lot of fun. Also performing last night: Queen of HeartsMonty Caldo and Koshka Killawat.