Smart people get pretty much naked: NYC edition

Whew! Nine whole days without a post! Let’s not do that again!

But you know what we should do again (I’m so good at transitions)? We should talk about the pairing of sensible and sensual that is Get You a Babe Who Can Do Both — born from the brains (among other parts) of Timaree Schmit / Honeytree EvilEye and her partner (and emcee), Adam Teterus / Flirt Vonnegut

Do Both invites its performers to give lightning talks in its first half, and to bare their bodies in its second. The very well-received lesson: You own your sex appeal, and anyone who’d have you put it aside to be taken seriously can go screw. (Post continues below photos.)

UPDATE: Video now published here!

Sunday, that lesson came for the first time to New York City, at Drom in the East Villiage — the ninth ever Do Both (pics from an earlier installment here), and part of an ongoing effort to bring its body-positive, queer-friendly, intersectional, silly, funky, smart, bawdy burlesque fun beyond Philadelphia’s borders.

In this lineup: Ms Trixie Delight on photo retouching, Madame Brassiere on fundraising,
Daisy Desnuda on mixed-race identity, Taffeta Punk on the etymology and power of the word "cunt" and Honeytree EvilEye on the ever-changing, rarely fair rules of social media media censorship.

Photos above. Video on the way. Possibly not family-friendly, depending on your family.