Smarts and strips: 'Do Both' burlesque on video

We’ll keep this post short — I’ve already told you all about the sultry-smart showcase that is ‘Get You a Babe Who Can Do Both,” with pics of performances in New York City and Philadelphia.

In this post, things are getting a bit more lively, with video from the show at Drom in the East Villiage.

In this lineup: Lightning talks from Ms Trixie Delight on photo retouching, Madame Brassiere on fundraising, Daisy Desnuda on mixed-race identity, Taffeta Punk on the etymology and power of the word "cunt" and Honeytree EvilEye on the ever-changing, rarely fair rules of social media media censorship.

And then they talk off (most of) their clothes.

Be warned: As always, it’s bawdy fun but not necessarily safe for work (depending on your work) or family-friendly (depending on your family). Enjoy.